Doughnuts, Doughnuts, Doughnuts!

Yummy doughnuts! 

Recently, I visited my local doughnut shop down the street and can I just say WOW! New flavors like s'mores, glaze covered with favorite cereals sprinkled on top, and what? CRONUTS! Everything looked so delicious and lucky for me, I was on my way to an office meeting so I had a good excuse to buy at least a dozen. 

Doughtnuts are all the rage, so thought to put my baking skills to the test with some cake batter doughnuts and some sweet glazes. If you ever would like to try, definitely purchase a doughtnut mold cake pan with your favorite cake recipe and Wah-lah! You are now ready to bake away! 

Sometimes when I have cake orders, and yes, I always have left over batter, so why not put it to use and make something delicious out of it. 

Creating and tasting is my favorite part, especially the tasting! So, taste testers, get ready!